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Have you ever had an experince on one sided love? How did it went?

I've experienced one-sided love before, and it was challenging. However, I decided to communicate my feelings honestly, and to my surprise, the person was understanding and became one of my go-to people. While my romantic feelings faded to a platonic ones, I learned that honest communication is key in matters of the heart.

Yup, i have. It's pretty hurt, tp lebih bagus begitu krna klo udh tau klo confess ujungnya bakalan gimana. Jadi, biarlah hanya Allah yg tau.

I have. Ya,,, gitu... memang ga berharap bisa bareng but it still pretty hurt. However now, udah terbiasa sih, as long that person is happy and keep in touch with me even though not that close, I'm okay with that.

i had experience it once! T_T (mana virtual lagi). it went with no endings, i confessed ’n he thought it was a joke so we brush it off anyway 😸! i still got his contact, though we didn’t talk anymore malu

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