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An honest interview with Floraina! ♡


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/ᐠ ̥ ̮ ̥ᐟ\ฅ · 6mo

lauuu, kamu suka film genre apaa?

aku suka genre crime & mystery! yang ada detektifnya gitu. tapi romcom juga suka. <3

♥️ · 10 answers · 7mo

guys kalian kalau bosan gitu biasanya ngapain sih? :o

Hanging out with my friends! >_★ Or, or, or I would just go shopping (be it offline or online), have a me time, do karaoke, etc. Kalau tetep bosen, yaudah aku nikmatin aja rasa bosennya. (Nggak nikmat)

♥️ · 8 answers · 7mo

guys, kalian ngantukan ngga sih? T__T

Lavanya Prameswari. · 2 answers · 7mo

Long time no see, how was your september so far?

September's going a bit slow, probably because I've been pretty hectic. But I'm doing good!

૮꒰ ౨ৎ 。˵• ﻌ •˵。꒱ა ♡ · 10 answers · 11mo

Hi! This is not a question, but a wish. (So you don't have to respond except an amen! Giggles).

I hope everyone of you have a great start (& finish) for the June! Semoga banyak hal baik terjadi buat kita semua. 🤍

Jean · 10 answers · 11mo

drop ur fav songs when you're sad, or overthinking

J. · 7 answers · 12mo

how’s your May so far?

May has been very draining and nervewrecking... 😟 However, I'm glad that I'm still surviving!

Lian · 12mo

Kemana nih, Laurelle?

Aku nggak ke mana-mana, cuma istirahat sebentar aja dari akun aku itu. Kak Lian kangen, ya? 😋

Abim · 12 answers · 12mo

I'm so booored, can you suggest me some fun activity please?

Jean · 13 answers · 12mo

What kind of people are you attracted to?

People that stay and willing to listen and talk to me, the convobuild one that gives the same energy I'm giving.

Curious Guest · 12mo

What was the last thing you have eaten?

Araja · 32 answers · 12mo

have you ever confess to your crush? berakhir sukses atau nice try?

Yes, it's always a nice try everytime I do. So I promise myself to NEVER confess ever again. When I don't confess, usually things work just fine, it'd be either me moving on or having a relationship. Confessing just ruin everything to me as things would get awkward and a noticeable distance would be made out of that.

MV. · 21 answers · 1y

One song that describes how you feel right now?


Your thoughts on me?

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