Atheia. · 2 answers · 9mo

How do you recover after someone who you consider as a precious one left you with a painful goodbye?

Keep myself away from things that reminds me of them. Includes stops to take a look at internet (except for work or study purpose) and heals to nature as much as possible, or met/call my irl friends.

Passing these phases are indeed not easy at all especially as it comes to the hurtful ending.. but please remember one thing, don't ever gave up and keep moving forward. It's okay to feel the pain, it's okay to not okay. Just.. hanging there, held yourself, embrace you.

Forgive me if I sound very sotoy of your current situation, but please let me hug you ya, Theia.. 🥺🩷

Sending lots of warm hugs for you. 🤍

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