Rotterdam, Netherlands.
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Atheia. · 7 answers · 7mo

What kind of thing do you think that feels like home? (literally/figuratively)

Atheia. · 10 answers · 8mo

How do you deal with loneliness when it creeps in?

𐙚 · 30 answers · 8mo

if u were animals, what you'll be?

𐙚 · 16 answers · 8mo

what do you miss most about being a kid?

Have no worries about future, what's in my mind is only about today and tomorrow. I don't have to think much further.

𐙚 · 11 answers · 8mo

if you were to write a book about your ex, what would the last sentence be?

I would never write a book for my ex in the first place, but if I have to then maybe I'll end it with "It's nice to spend those time that weren't much with you, see you when I see you." Like that.

Atheia. · 2 answers · 9mo

How do you recover after someone who you consider as a precious one left you with a painful goodbye?

𐙚 · 12 answers · 9mo

what's your signature scent perfume, peeps?

𐙚 · 5 answers · 9mo

happy weekend peeps, any plans for today?

I don't have plan for weekend, I just do whatever I want to do when weekend arrives.

𐙚 · 8 answers · 9mo

what's your workout routine?

I don't have actually, but whenever I do my workout I just do it until I get tired then I go home. Maybe I just do some jumping rope or walks for a while, nothing heavy.

Isaiah. · 10mo

Hello there, Gigi! Let me shoot you a follow ya. By the way, what if you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

follow it back already! probably i'll invite aldi taher, so we could have ngalor ngidul without heavy topic conversation.

Atheia. · 7 answers · 11mo

How do you distract yourself from bad thoughts?

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