Injecting happiness to my own vein.

Santorini, Greece.
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Here, have a little taste of curiousity.


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Beep Boop! · 6mo

anie I’ve known you for almost 6 months, was a pleasant for me having you around in 2023, hope we can get more closer in 2024. terima kasih sudah inget noah selalu!!

Noah, hiiii! Gak kerasa, ya... I'm glad I met you in 2023. Let's get closer in 2024 and thank you for remembering me too, Noah. 🩷

Aishlynne · 17 answers · 7mo

Enlo! Would you tell me your most-loved Disney Movie(s) and pwease tell me the reason behind it? ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

Coco! The culture, the messages, the plot is hella good. The most important thing is that reminds me a lot of my late father. :D

Raya · 7 answers · 8mo

do you have any phobias?

Raya · 8 answers · 8mo

what’s your favorite indonesian word? kecuali “uang” yh

Raya · 5 answers · 8mo

what would your child(ren)’s name be? 👀

Raya · 5 answers · 7mo

what makes you confess your feelings to someone you love?

Kalau udah penuh, sesak di dada. Gak bisa ditahan, yang pengen teriak ke dunia kalo aku sayang dia.

J. · 6 answers · 7mo

genuinely asking,
kalo kalian di posisi ini, kalian pilih apa dan kenapa.

kalian balik ke orang yang dulu pernah sama kalian yang dulu sempet belum selesai dan niat buat diselesaikan dengan ngulang lagi


kalian mau coba sama yang baru, sama orang baru, bener bener sama yang baru. yang akhir akhir ini ngisi waktu luang kalian

Karena aku penasaran orangnya, aku pilih yang pertama. Agak gambling (dan rawan sakit hati), tapi kayak ya... pengen aja lihat bakal berakhir gimana nantinya. Tapi kalau memang akhirnya selesai, ya, pergi.

Layla · 8 answers · 8mo

Do you have any book recommendations I need to read? I'm trying to get out of my reading slump...

If you're into fantasy, I think The School for Good and Evil is a good start. :D

Evand. · 19 answers · 8mo

Hey, if someone have crush on you, how do you want to be approached?

I prefer them to go straight talking to me in DM, tbh. But I won't force them, just wait for them to be ready showing themselves.

Cathy · 18 answers · 8mo

eh kamu pernah punya hewan peliharaan ga waktu kecil? hewan jenis apa dan namanya siapa? aku mau tau dong! 😺

Kura-kura! Aku lupa namanya siapa aja, tapi sepasang gitu dibeliinnya. Setiap sore aku kasih makan. Sedihnya, satu kabur, satunya meninggal. Sejak itu, aku gak ada pelihara hewan apapun. :D

Vell · 2 answers · 8mo

This is so random tapi pernah kepikiran ga, kenapa kalo jalan di trotoar terus ada garis lurus, kita auto ikutin garisnya?

Areal Dominique · 8mo

Hi Athy, I like your name. Does it refer to the name of the god of war? Or does it refer to greek origin that means eternal?

Thank you, Domi! It does... More like a combination of Athena and Anthea, a minor goddess. But I actually found it when I looked for a Greek name that also has that meaning. :D

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