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Parisa Moon · 24 answers · 7mo

If you could interview a famous person, who would you choose?

Anonymous Cat · 7mo

boleh naksir gak? btw, lagi naksir orang?

kana · 26 answers · 7mo

do you think cheaters deserve a second chance? why?

Obviously no, cheaters will never deserve a second chance. Once a cheater always a cheater, I don't want to take the risk.

Anonymous Cat · 10mo

Do you feel happier?

Parisa Moon · 10mo

Hello! May I know the meaning of your name, Zavier?

For the Zavier, it mean savior or bright! But the last name, Hananta, I just use it randomly and don't know what's the meaning. How about your name, Parisa?

Anonymous Cat · 10mo

goodbye kakak, aku mau uncrush.. kayaknya tidak ada jalan untukku.

Hey ini sejak kapan ngecrush aku.. Thank you for having a crush on me whoever you are. I'm sorry if I didn't recognize who you are. Semoga dapet yang lebih baik lagi ya, adek! We can still be friends!

Anonymous Cat · 11mo

be happy! 🤍

Whoever you are thank you for saying this short but meaningful. I hope you will be happy too since you deserve all the happiness in this cruel world.

Anonymous Cat · 11mo

What is your favourite activity?

As an introvert one I'll say that laying on my bed and watch some movies will be my favourite activity ever.

Anonymous Cat · 12mo

Have you ever listened to nightcore?

Hahaha of course I've ever listened to nightcore when I was in junior high school.

Anonymous Cat · 1y

What do you like more, shower or bath?

Anonymous Cat · 1y

Have you ever pet a bunny?

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