I was made to become a sanctuary.

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Wiranata Harjun. · 13 answers · 13d

Minta rekomendasi lagu, dong. Saya mulai bosen sama lagu-lagu saya...

Here, I recommend you some musicians instead. I usually listen to Sub Urban, THE DRIVER ERA, COIN, Hippo Campus, Novo Amor, Sleeping at Last, Bruno Major, and Holow Coves songs.

🌘 · 24d

please fart on my bootyhole so i can clench it & forever trap the smell inside me

Sal. · 30d

You're pretty hard to find on timeline nowadays, how's life?

YO! BUDDY! I'm good, quite busy with my activities so I only login on weekend. Anyways thanksss for asking, I truly appreciate it!! 😁

How's your Sunday going?

Meeya · 8 answers · 1mo

Tell me about your funny childhood memories! 🥺🙌🏻

Dulu aku kurang teliti (especially in a crowd) dan pernah beberapa kali—saat aku mau gandeng tangan mama, malah salah gandeng lengan ibu lain 😂
Di parkiran, pernah aku jalan di antara keluarga lain (I thought they were my family) dan ikut masuk ke mobil mereka (oh my God) dan itu TIDAK hanya sekali. 😂

Meeya · 8 answers · 1mo

What's your sleeping pills? (Apa yang bikin kalian spontan ngantuk? In a good way.. example: ASMR hujan)

Meeya · 1mo

Your top 3 beverages?

nyom · 4 answers · 1mo

kamu masih main gen RP gak? mutualan yuk, selipin aja link akunnya!

༊*·˚ · 2mo

hello! can i get a followback? thank you!! ⭐️

Luna · 2mo

Hello new buddy, nice to meet you!
Hope we can mingle well and be a good friends.

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