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Naomi Precilla.
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curious catto friend · 17d

Feels like you're currently set your eyes on someone.. ya..

curious catto friend · 28d

What's the most beautiful thing you've encountered all your life?

it has to be meeting my cat, Baba, in 2020! i was so grateful since i always wanted a cat but my mom was allergic so i couldn’t have one growing up. (i have 3 cats now!) and at one point, i even had eleven.. they truly are a blessing. 🤍

curious catto friend · 28d

kok ga pacaran-pacaran sih?

athenaya ^_^ · 14 answers · 1mo

eummm bff retroo. how was your may so far :/? mau ngobrol aja sama kaliann :3

haaaa menyenangkan banget karena itu anu itu. >_< kamu gimana, ada momen paling berkesan, gak?

Aurich Heindelz · 39 answers · 2mo

Apakah ada yang mau followan/mutualan di X? Kindly drop your @ below!

curious catto friend · 1mo

nyomi si kerang ajaib🐚

curious catto friend · 1mo

How are feeling lately, Naomi?

i’m actually doing pretty good, cuma lagi gak bisa bagi waktu aja buat online lama-lama di cyber makanya mungkin keliatan loyo.. thanks for asking! ada apa ya..

curious catto friend · 2mo

nyom make sure he reciprocate your feeling. beware of falling too hard. apalagi km baru move on. jgn galau kl dia gabisa jadian. just saying. gausah dibales.

Ezekiel. · 2mo

Kalo kangen DM aja, gak perlu ganggu gw gini!

LiLY ꩜ · 2mo

Nyomi aku terinsipirasi km buat tema retro yang avanya png begini hihihi

curious catto friend · 2mo

ada gebetan tapi ngadmin ca full laki emang gebetannya kurang kh?

dih? emang kamu tau sejak kapan aku punya gebetan? tau sejak kapan ide konsep CAku ini nongol? sentuh rumput yaa, ngisi ginian di retro orang gak bakal bikin kamu keliatan keren.

Jean · 7 answers · 2mo

5 menit lagi kamu akan kehilangan pendengaran selamanya, lagu atau suara apa yg ingin kamu dengar?

curious catto friend · 2mo

Naomi, did it go well with your crush? I missed the chance then?

yes... things with him are going pretty well, i'm really enjoying getting to know him better. as for you missing the chance, idk.. kinda? we're currently enjoying each other's company and seeing where things go. appreciate your curiosity, though!

Jean · 6 answers · 2mo

Favorite song lyrics?

akhir-akhir ini selalu denger Prison For Life makanya isi otakku "i'm a feminist, obviously, but i wouldn't really mind him saving me."

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