Death is a reassuring thought, don’t you think?

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Zasha · 5 answers · 29d

What would you do if you were feeling so sad at midnight?

I will open my books and read; words offer the greatest comfort for me. I’ve enjoyed conventional journaling lately, too! Scribbling notes down and engraving them as to treasure beautiful scenes that I witness, to not let the words in my mind escape so imprudently.

Wanderer · 1y

Glad to see you are living happily and surrounded by many people who love you, I hope you are always fine and healthy, Nya. I kinda miss you a bit, by the way. - E

It has been a year since you left the message but only now I find the courage to respond. I am quite content with the life I have now, indeed (yes, I think it has been getting better since the day you dropped this message on my inbox). It was very sweet of you to notice, and I thank you. I hope you are living a life to your fulfillment, too. Best regards and plenty of good wishes shall you receive from me now, E.

Wanderer · 1y

How’s life, Nya?

Life’s always so-so, but I think I am able to appreciate each moment; the bad, the good, the mediocrity of its entirety.

M A X · 2mo

pengen tahu kamu suka dipanggil kenzia ken jia zia apa enji

Aku tipe yang percaya ada ‘kekuatan’ dari memanggil seseorang dengan nama aslinya. :D tapi banyak temenku manggil Zia.. lucu banget jujur.

M A X · 2mo

aku tuh lagi bc buku tapi kaya somehow aku slow bgt gmn biar bs fixated

Kalau aku, karena nggak punya hobi lain yang menarik (hehe). Baca buku yang bisa bikin aku terpukau sama kalimat filosofisnya itu sangat bikin ketagihan.

Audene · 4 answers · 1mo

tell me some words to live by! :o

“Reality was, after all, just so malleable – facts could be forgotten, truths suppressed, lives seen from only one angle like a trick prism, if only one resolved never to look too closely.”

Jo · 12 answers · 2mo

Hey, what do you usually do when coping with stress?

I isolate myself until people forget that I exist. Sometimes, I wish I could completely erase it (at least for some people). I believe there is beauty in absence and setbacks.

phobetors · 3mo

Apa kamu punya rekomendasi buku?

I do! I want to recommend “Breasts and Eggs” by Mieko Kawakami, a recent read which receives 5 stars from me. It tackles feminism and existential acceptance, examining these matters from a philosophical lens, delving deep into questions and concerns about a life that revolves around societal expectations—exclusively as a woman. It’s a bit slow-paced and may not be to your liking, but if you try to finish it, I’m sure you’ll find valuable lessons and gain a better understanding of life. It gives you a sense of validation, too.

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