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Audene · 3 answers · 6d

tell me some words to live by! :o

Rega. · 11 answers · 3mo

Akhir-akhir ini lagi bosen sama playlist sendiri. So, suggest me your favorite songs that I should listen to, thank you anyway!

Akhir-akhir ini lagi sering dengerin love song sih tapi lagi suka banget sama end game nya Taylor Swift & Langit Biru nya Lutfhi Aulia!!!

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 9 answers · 5mo

hey suggest me your typically morning song to listen dongggg!!!

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 3mo

oi kk zash remember that u have me and yiyi whenever you feel like you have no one around okeeee?? tolong bgt ini mah kalo semisal lagi merasa sedih dan pusing jangan dipendem sendirian yaaa share aja ke aku dan yiyi. i’d be gladly to hear!!! pls km mungkin gatau atau gak sadar yaaa tp ak sedih deeeh klo liat km keliatan sedih bgt dan pusing bgt sama sesuatu tp ak gabisa ngapa-ngapain jd pls cerita ajaayaa biar setidaknya km lega yAAA KAKAk Q

Emang boleh selucu ini? Makasih banyak ya kecilku cantikku, I’m glad that I have you two by my side. Gapapa kok akhir-akhir ini emang lagi stress karena happy aja dan aku yakin seterusnya bakalan happy (bareng kalian) I LOVE YOUU! <3

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 10 answers · 3mo

dear leticia…

Thank you for holding on, thank you for being such a bestest girl, thank you for did well, thank you for existing, and thank you for everything, cantikku.

Audene · 4 answers · 4mo

good job for 2023! may the new year brings you more happiness to write on your tale.🌻

Rex. · 8 answers · 4mo

One thing you really want to happen in this month is ...

Do whatever I want and maybe it just not one thing, I want this month to be my month, I wont let this bad 2023 ruined my December.

Audene · 4 answers · 9mo

how did the first half of 2023 treat you? hope the remaining months will bring us all blissful memories to look forward to!

Bad, bad and man I don’t know why this year treat me so badly like what’s my fault with this year.

Killian · 6 answers · 11mo

What are your 3 current favorite things?

Shae. · 5 answers · 11mo

can you tell me things you grateful for recently?

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