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curious bunny asked 7 days ago

Lucu terus, traumanya apa dene?

Chery asked 3 days ago · 2 answers

How many books have you read this month? Clap yourself and give a pat on your back for the achievement regardless of the number ♡

not many, sadly! college is starting again so i read more journal articles than books to finish assignments and presentations. t__t the last one i read was ORV novel during semester breaks. looking forward to read more when i have the energy to! <3

Zash asked 2 months ago · 4 answers

How December treats you, guys?

if its not too late to answer this, i am very glad that december has given me a break i needed after such tiring months. it treated me pretty well and i hope things in the meantime are going well for me also. happy new year! 💛

curious bunny asked 7 months ago

Do you set your eyes on someone right now?

cherice, aurielle. asked 7 months ago · 6 answers

Salt air....

Chery asked 7 months ago · 7 answers

since twitter is limiting DM features (meh), and i think i’m going to keep my CA deactivated for a while, would you be friends with me on discord? 🥹

boleh! :D i rarely check mine though. if you're ok w that, leave a comment and i'll give u my id!

Yvaine, Miwa. asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

What's the last movie that you watch?

Yvaine, Miwa. asked 8 months ago · 7 answers

Apa lagu galau kesukaan kalian? Lesu

hmmm banyak tapi drown by bmth (maida vale version) comes to mind when i read this question.

cherice, aurielle. asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

Kalo timeline twitter limit apakah sebaiknya kita berinteraksi lewat sini saja ya sahabat yiyie? :]

curious bunny asked 8 months ago

Audene lucu sekali. 😂 Tiap lihat kamu mood saya jadi bagus. Jadi 08 berapa?

tiap ada yang bilang lucu kayaknya kewarasanku mengalami degenerasi yang signifikan.. tapi thank you, senang bisa menghibur! nomorku 1-500-505, simple set teriyaki 2 yaa. ;]

Yvaine, Miwa. asked 8 months ago · 4 answers

Goodnight istri aku😘😘😘aku sayaang bgt bgt bgt sama km yang❤️😘😘😘istri aku. besok aku bangun langsung kabarin km ya sayang. tungguin aku ya sayang😘😘aku cinta mati sama km yang. love you so much istriiiiiii aku😘😘😘muuaaaaaaaccchhhhhhh

cherice, aurielle. asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

Selamat hari Selasa, gak sabar bentar lagi weekend 😍😍😍

Chery asked 9 months ago

what is your comfort color/tone?

curious bunny asked 9 months ago

how do you cope up when you have family problems? i can't seem to make myself feel better..

apologize for the tardy response, i'm sorry that you have to go through something that bothers you like this. :[ if you can't make yourself feel better, i suggest that you accept how you're feeling about it first, then stand up for yourself and what you feel is right. don't force yourself to be okay when you aren't! i hope whatever is giving you a hard time comes to an end soon, sender. your feelings are valid, be strong for yourself. <3

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