Lily. ♡̴

“Typa girl you wish for when you blow that candle out.”

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Unnamed. · 2mo

please close ur account for real because everyone hates you

Iya sender, mau. Soalnya udah muak juga sama kamu. By the way, dijaga ketikannya. Touch some fucking grass instead of keep sending hatred menfess toward people.

Unnamed. · 2mo

No need to apologize because I'll never forgive you. Never!

Well, I have said my apologies and I also have offered you to reach me out directly on DM about what I have done wrong in past. It’s your problem if you are not going to tell or even forgive me, just let the negativity consume you if that is what you want. Thankyou, and sorry once again.

Unnamed. · 2mo

Pretending to say that you didn't hurt anyone here. Huhahaha, you hurt a lot of people, including me! I'm not the same as the previous one, but you've really hurt me ever since. Be self-interested. Don't feel that you've never hurt anyone. I HATE YOU!!

Hai, sender. Bingung juga gimana ya balesnya. Minta maaf yang sebesar-besarnya kalo kamu merasa tersakiti oleh aku baik sengaja ataupun enggak. Entah aku yang kurang peka atau gimana, selama ini kehidupan aku di cyber ini lempeng lempeng aja alias aku gak banyak berinteraksi dengan orang secara private. Jadi aku have no clue siapa dan gimana aku menyakitinnya. Kalau memang ada sesuatu yang mengganjal yang bikin kamu masih sakit dan dendam kamu bisa reach out aku dan jelasin kenapa, sehingga nanti aku bisa minta maaf dengan tulus. Have a nice day.

Seth. · 10 answers · 3mo

while I can hardly find one, would you tell me about a meaningful thing, a reason for you to keep holding on until today?

Unnamed. · 3mo

You are so hopeless romantic like you cannot live without a man even though you were just hurt a few days or weeks ago. I still wonder why people want to be with you I mean– look at your trying-so-hard-to-be-aesthetic-but-still-look-ugly-as-hell account. I hope you know this is not a compliment. I am waiting patiently to be subtweeted by you, both on your cyber and your private, looking for justice? Nah, you don't suit well for that) 😂

I don’t know your intention to send this, sender. I don’t even do any such criminal things to anyone. I don’t even hurt anyone here. Kalo merasa keganggu, just click the unfollow button if you are perhaps one of my mutuals.

Unnamed. · 11mo

udah tau kan siapa? 🫵

Hmm… A past is just a past. Makasih sender udah ngasih tau, but i wouldn’t mind at all whoever they are. So it’s all okay for me.

Unnamed. · 11mo

gausah dijawab gpp btw gua cuma warning aja. dia temen deket lu banget

Unnamed. · 11mo

lu hatihati deh soalnya salah satu temen deket lu adalah mantan lu :\/

WHAT A PLOT TWIST. Beneran kah? Gatau mantan yang mana tapi makasih sender, gapapa biarin aja semoga aku gatau sampe akhir main cyber. Yang penting aku tidak disakiti dan tidak dibohongi.

Unnamed. · 11mo

Hi. Do you set your eyes on someone? May I give a shot because you look attractive. Saya bukan mutual mu btw

Hello… aduh bingung mau bales apa. But thankyou ya sender. I currently don’t set my eyes to someone tapi maaf banget aku comsu…. tapi in case kamu mau temenan boleh ya! 😭😂😭😭😂😭😂😂😂

Vié · 15 answers · 11mo

HAIIII! This is the first time I greet you by asking how you are doing. how are you guys? everything is fine??

L. Raisel Emory · 3 answers · 11mo

How’s life? Tell me, how’s your family? I haven’t seen them in a while

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