Arthur · 11 answers · 5mo

If you were a teacher, would you accept an overdue assignment?

It depends on the situation. If you have a student w an IEP (individualized education plan) because of certain learning differences they may very well require extra time as one of their accommodations. In that case, we would have to establish what length of time that would look like for them. If the student has faced illness or certain life events then of course that would also be ok. If it’s something else, we would have to discuss it. It’s my job to figure out how to best support students and that doesn’t mean that I’m about to close a door of someone because I’m the classroom dictator. All of us have had a time when we needed a little grace bestowed upon us. However… if you’re just f’n around and trying to take the whole arm when you’ve been extended a hand, you’ve best believe there will be consequences. I pride myself on being empathetic but also “fair”.

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