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If you were a teacher, would you accept an overdue assignment?

When I was a TA in grad school, I did. We had no policy on late penalties so I accepted them for full points because I didn't give a shit about deducting points. You did the work so I'll give you points for it. However, I imagine it'd be very different if I ran an actual classroom as a real teacher or professor. Being a graduate TA is different because teaching is not meant to be a priority in the type of grad program I was in, it's just a service you perform for the university to get your tuition paid.

It depends on a few different things. Have they had some sort of family emergency? Have they been ill - mentally or physically? Are they having problems of some kind? Did I not explain clearly and precisely when it was due? (That would never happen.) I might let them off once without an excuse if they're a good student. But that's it.

I'd be kinda split on that - on the one hand, by accepting a late assignment, I wouldn't be training them effectively to be good cogs in the corporate machine. In other words, mumble mumble life skills mumble mumble. On the other hand, I don't think anybody should have to go through any of this, especially children -- school is clearly a form of child abuse in my eyes. If I were a teacher, I'd very much want to give all the children As no matter what they did to get the pressure off their backs, and also allow them 100% self-directed study. This is why I wouldn't be a teacher.

No, you get your assignment handed back with one of Cloud's big red F's stamped on it! However I'm not vindictive so I won't seek the death penalty this time!

I would if the student gave a good reason. I had one professor who accepted my overdue assignments, but sometimes he would penalize me for it. He knew that I have a brain injury, and I think that's why; I struggle with executive functions sometimes.

I suppose it depends how late it is - if its anything like less than an hour, if there is a reason for it I'll be flexible. But if they are taking the piss being multiple hours or days late - they class is in session and I'd teach them a lesson in time keeping.

Haha, I'm no teacher but overdue is "normal" even without assignment.

I'd probably accept, with a small penalty - I mean it's not fair to the people who completed the work on time that somebody could stroll in two weeks afterward and get treated the same

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