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What were your original online aliases? Were they cringe? How long did you use them for? How long have you had your current one?

i used to go by rat.... cause i was so obsessed with albert / flamingo i miss him ngl. yes it is cringe i'm actually scared of rats HELP i think i used them for like... a year or two. our current one (sena / adomanis) is a year or two as well :3 i used a lot of names back then tho (i still do, an di hoarded even more now goodness gracious)

I used to use "spring" bc it was the name of my silly little mary sue oc 😀 i stopped using it about two years ago tho

my original online alias was nyx, now im kory. had kory for abt 2 years now (technically not an online alias cuz its my preferred name but i only rlly use it online? idk)

i used to go by sp0rk ^_^
there was this one time i was bubblegum. a beloved friend called me bubs

For usernames, I went by zlinkszs on a few platforms since about 2021, and I still use it on steam to this day.

For names, I used to go by Angel (if you can't tell this was 2020) and now I regret it so deeply I hate that name. I think once I also went by Alex which is equally cringeworthy

One of mine was DireClown, which I've still used on some sites. At the time, the game Shining Force was new, and that's one of the enemies in the game. However, I mostly stopped using it after I got doxed on Doxbin.

I had tons of different ones as a kid, but I forgot them all. Oldest one I remember is "The Core Gamer" which was both generic and cringe.

F00F has been my username on the fediverse and all adjacent websites since 2022, when I joined in the middle of Desert Bus for Hope.

Our fandom username, SumeruDendro55 (very cringe)
We still use it and we're very active on there

UMM i had different ones depending on the app

animal jam - my user was MinecraftJammer64 and i went by shadow (rp name that just. stuck), MJ, and Jammer. lasted aboutttttt 4-5 years?

discord - my first account was Edgy_Ch1ld. everyone called me Edgy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. lasted like... 2yrs before i made my new account

minecraft - my original user was [my irl name)diva, so everyone just called me diva ^_^ now it's ThePuppeteer566, so people just call me puppet or occasionally puppeteer !

besides minecraft, i don't really go by aliases anymore? unless being known as the dabi guy counts LMAOO

Oh mu god there’s been so many it’s unreal. Um Marshal (one l. Take note), Connor, various kin related names… I used each for around a year if not two, and I’ve had my current one (Sleet!) for about 7 months, now >_<

I only have one alias that I don't use anymore, which is Lemmy. I used it for about 1-2 years. The alias I've used longest is Admin, 2 years.

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