he/they I'm BobOmbMonkey a.k.a. Cats Who Code on fedi. I enjoy such things as coding, writing, music, etc. I discovered RS through my friend Puniko. (warning: occasionally lewd)

In space
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I'm into ultra-random things but also deep and thought-provoking questions about life. AMA.


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Puniko · 20 answers · 1y

where do you see fedi in 10 years?

I see it growing a lot and being used even more than it is now, particularly with birdsite crashing the way it is. I also see people branching out from just Mastodon and discovering the other networks like Misskey. fingers crossed

Shannon. · 6 answers · 20d

Are you going to a food and drink festival this weekend?

Wasn't planning on it, but I will be going to a game night tonight, and probably shopping at a farmers' market!

Fukase ! ૮ • ﻌ - ა · 3 answers · 20d

ask all yall should like. use this as an excuse to ramble ab your interests :3

Y'all should like cats. I think they get a bad rap in some circles, but they can be really sweet, cuddly, and affectionate. They just have boundaries, like humans do, as well as sensory issues and routines - they're kind of like autistic people (of which I am one!).

roman 🍉 · 3 answers · 24d

feeling super paranoid and confused about myself rn . might close inbox for a while

Shannon. · 12 answers · 23d

Do you think people are running out of songs to sing?

There's been a lot of remakes this year.

As per my comment, I don't think it's the singers themselves, but rather the producers and record labels. They see covers and remakes as easy money, because they're recognizable and possibly marketable to older generations too. Even the streaming services, which are somewhat known for more innovation, have a lot of sequels and remakes as well.

Shannon. · 6 answers · 25d

Are you going to comic con this year?

Apparently not since it's sold out, but I do like conventions, and that is the sort of thing I would enjoy. Maybe I'll go next year; I'm already taking a lot of trips this year!

Kate Matsuda · 6 answers · 25d

Do you too follow some streamers on Twitch? What type of content do you like? Can you name some good ones?

Yes, I do! I follow a few gamer streams, artists, and DJs. DJs are one of my "spins" (the autism thing). My friend "Caelor" is a gaming channel I follow; he plays a lot of RPGs and old-school video games. I also follow Valkyrae and Sykkuno (famous gaming channels), and the DJs "HANAWINS" and "ThalestrissUwU."

Shannon. · 8 answers · 28d

Should singers be able to sing songs they wrote and have backing vocals on at there concert? Even if that song is more known by a different singer?

Of course, why not? Are you thinking of a specific song/singer? For example, Bob Dylan wrote the song "Blowin' in the Wind," but many people have covered it. I still think he sings it at concerts, though. He also wrote "All Along the Watchtower," and Jimi Hendrix's version is probably more famous, but I would imagine Dylan still sings it too.

Shannon. · 5 answers · 29d

What's the most you ever paid for a concert or festival ticket?

I'm not sure, it might have been over $100. The least I ever paid was 0! (free concerts)

˚ ᷂ ⠀⠀ 𓏲 ⠀ ⠀Aera。 ⠀⠀𓂃 · 27 answers · 29d

˚⠀ 𓏲𝄢⠀ Question
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Of The Day.ᐟ⠀ 𓂃⠀
❝Which Elemental Powers
⠀ Would You Want.ᐣ❞ (Fire, Ice, Etc)

Water or earth, perhaps. Like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, I feel like fire is too potentially destructive if you don't learn to use it properly.

Sleet · 11 answers · 29d

unironically need more people to be told corny shit like they're special and they matter cuz i SWEAR some of you don't understand that it's true.. like.. u KILL me. YES you literally are unique and important and have ppl that care about you (no matter who you are. whether that be a pro or not is a different conversation...) It's really sad to see people who genuinely didn't get told that stuff growing up like ur Making me Sad. stawp.

Yeah, I was feeling the same way - there seem to be a lot of people who feel depressed on here, and I can relate to that.

Shannon. · 11 answers · 29d

Do you think fans should be able to sing and dance at concerts and festivals?

Yes, definitely! Was there someone who said otherwise? I know not everyone's a good singer, but I just expect it at concerts.

⠀ ꒰ ♡︎ puddin · 9 answers · 29d

꒰ 🫧 question of the day time: if you were a idol group manager and your group had lore what would it be ? (Sorry if this question doesn’t make sense English isn’t really my first languange T^T)

It makes sense! I might make up some sci-fi story about how the group met on a space expedition or something like that. If I had more time, I might write out a full story!

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