Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked 7 months ago

What's your favorite mcdonalds menu item?

Luna Saphira Dragofelis

What's your favorite mcdonalds menu item?

i can't decide between the curly fries and the McChicken Classic... (or however they call their "long chicken")

I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in years, but generally speaking I was a Quarter Pounder kind of girl.

By far, the 280, and most of my relatives who eat McDonald's stuff share that opinion. In France, the 280 is a burger that weighs 280g, with a square bun, a larger-than-usual patty, tomatoes, onions and some pepper sauce. It's pretty simple, but it never disappoints, and the quantity/price ratio is pretty good. Unfortunately, it's a semi-temporary burger (it disappears from the menu then comes back every sometimes), so gotta get it while you can. I think it's on the menu right now, gotta go get some soon…

I don't particularly like McDonald's, but if I had to pick something, it'd probably be one of the ice cream things they have, or the milkshakes.

McDs used to do this southern southwest chicken sandwich and the sauce was great. Was my favourite thing on their menu but they took it down. Nowadays? One of their spicy mcchicken sandwiches.

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