hilang · 4 answers · 7mo

what will you fight for until the day that you die?

I believe that everyone has something they are passionate about and willing to fight for until the day they die. For me, it's the pursuit of peace and solitude. I have always been drawn to the idea of finding inner peace and being able to live a quiet, solitary life. I believe that this is something worth fighting for, as it can bring immense fulfillment and contentment.

In a world filled with chaos and noise, I strive to carve out a space for myself where I can find tranquility and solace. I will fight for this sense of peace until the day that I die, as it is something that brings me great joy and fulfillment. While others may have more traditional causes or beliefs that they are willing to fight for, I am content in my pursuit of peace and solitude. It is my hope that others can also find their own sense of peace and fight for it with the same passion and determination.

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