Arthur · 8 answers · 6mo

So a paramilitary militia (not bandits, but former cops) decided to set fire to 35 buses and one train in the west zone of Rio (not where I live) after a police operation. Way more than bandits did and effectively stopping people's commute in a very populous area and during peak hours. Thoughts?

That's what happens when you kill the "Lord of War", I suppose... Retaliation with a capital R.

What I don't understand is how a group of ex police officers and prison guards, who decided to set up a glorified 'neighbourhood watch scheme', suddenly became a massive organised crime outfit in control of a vast area of the city. (The rampant cascade of cash may have something to do with it of course.) They obviously don't give a toss about any of that law and order crap now though - they were setting fire to buses with the passengers still on them (!) apparently. What can you do? Money is king. Always. They've got such a strong foothold now it's going to be very difficult to rein them in.

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