"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

Here and there
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Arthur · 3 answers · 10d

Have you ever been inside a bank vault?

Kate Matsuda · 4 answers · 10d

Have you recently read or heard some good poetry or lyrics? Why not?

Every thousand years
This metal sphere
Ten times the size of Jupiter
Floats just a few yards past the Earth

If you climb on your roof
And take a swipe at it
With a single feather
Hit it once every thousand years

'til you've worn it down
To the size of a pea
Yeah, I'd say that's a long time
But it's only half a blink in the place we're going to be

Where you going to be?
Where will you spend eternity?
I'm gonna to be perfect from now on
I've gotta to be perfect starting now

Stop making that sound, stop making that sound
I will say I forgot it
But it was only yesterday
And that's all you had to say.

Arthur · 8 answers · 12d

Cops suddenly point guns towards a group of black teenagers in a rich district in order to frisk them for threats. Turns out they were sons of international ambassadors and the government had to issue official apologies. Thoughts?

I read about this. The police only went for the three black kids and left the two white kids alone. There can be no other explanation than out and out racism. Maybe this episode will serve as a huge wake up call to the police (and a whole load of other agencies). Maybe.

Arman · 9 answers · 1mo

What does it mean when someone gives you a cutting board as a gift?

Arman · 9 answers · 1mo

What do you usually do at the beach?

Arthur · 9 answers · 2mo

So my barber showed me that I'm starting to lose hair on the back of my head. Should I be worried?

My first thought was babies getting bald patches on the back of their heads because they spend so much time lying down and the hair literally gets worn away. Could that be happening to you, do you think?

Arthur · 7 answers · 2mo

There's an unusual number of US navy soldiers in the city. Should I try scamming them?

What else are sailors in port for if not to be taken advantage of? My advice, get down to the quayside bars quick as you can. And look extra fabulous.

LaDamaX · 9 answers · 2mo

Has anyone ever made up a rumor about you?
What was it?

I have male friends, ergo I must be fucking them. All of them. This has been a lifelong annoyance. There was also that time someone saw me out with a man and rumour control went into overdrive. Reader, it was my father.

Kate Matsuda · 11 answers · 2mo

How many cups of coffee do you need to restore yourself after a long evening/night? If you're not into coffee what other means of recovery do you use?

Kate Matsuda · 10 answers · 2mo

Any YouTubers on here?

Yes! Subscribe to my channel for questionable fashion tips, dubious beauty recommendations, and dodgy wellness/nutrition advice!!!

LaDamaX · 5 answers · 2mo

Just occurred to me I haven’t seen @Scott in quite some time. Has anyone spoken to him lately?

He messaged me, for the first time in months, at the weekend. He's okay. I don't know if he's coming back any time soon. I've just told home you were asking about him - see if that makes a difference.

Arthur · 9 answers · 2mo

What's the worst thing that can happen in a cruise ship on the middle of the ocean besides sinking?

Definitely an outbreak of something that spreads like wildfire. Remember the Covid horror stories?

Arman · 8 answers · 2mo

Do you snore? Can you sleep well next to someone who does?

How dare you even suggest such a thing, Arman! Do I snore?! I'm a woman! And women only make cute little kitten purring sounds! Everyone knows that!

Okay, I snore. And no, I hate it.

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