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Nina · 17d

Alaia! Do you prefer to take a picture using your camera or your phone? And why?

Since I don't have digital camera just yet and film are getting more expensive... So my phone, it is!

Scrittore Senza Nome · 6d

Aku marah ya kalo pacar kamu bukan man in finance, 6’5, trust fund, blue eyes 😭😭😭😭😭

F1 · 14 answers · 18d

Saran dong kopi yang enak selain Tuku dan Kopi Kenangan? 🤎

Since I always make coffee at home, I think it’s Robert Timms! If I want variation, sometimes I just mix it with Oat / Banana Milk

Scrittore Senza Nome · 18d

I think about you a little too often lately.

Scrittore Senza Nome · 1mo

Kok bisa gak keliatan likesnya?

Scrittore Senza Nome · 1mo

Temanmu Schatje single gak sebenarnya? Saya mau izin deketin.

Alhamdulillah, dia bukan album… Bercanda, ya. Dia udah punya istri dan istrinya itu aku. Jangan dekat-dekat nanti aku cemburu, OK?

Alrik · 6 answers · 2mo

Drop a song, could be anything, and please tell me why you dropped that one.

Everlasting by David Foster. No specific reasons why I dropped that song... Probably because I just feel serene yet lonely whenever I listen to it

Scrittore Senza Nome · 2mo aku pikir kamu foto ini pake digicam tapi ternyata cuman pake hp 🫣 keren dehhhh

Scrittore Senza Nome · 2mo

mystifiedrose udh punya pacar blm kak?

Scrittore Senza Nome · 2mo

Kak mau tanya kalo bolehh, beli mangkok yang soto mie dimana? Makasih banyakk

Scrittore Senza Nome · 2mo

Kakak vibes-nya positif banget. Terus, foto yang kakak take juga bagus-bagus semua! Terima kasih sudah jadi orang baik, kak. Semoga setiap hari ada kebaikan yang menghampiri kakak. (G)

That’s so lovely of you to successfully paint a smile on my face from ear to ear, eh? And I, I feel tenderly relieved for you to see me that way… Though, at some point I don’t always remain to be stay positive, but again, thank you so much. I hope happiness will always follows your trail whenever and wherever you are because of your encouragement for sharing something positive in the middle of someone’s day… :)

Scrittore Senza Nome · 3mo

Hihuuu, may I know what camera do you use? TIA

Scrittore Senza Nome · 3mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

The legendary Time Machine. There are so many childhood moments that I wish I can go back reminiscing, as well as my past decisions that I wholeheartedly regretted it

Alrik · 6 answers · 3mo

Not a Q, but I hope you enjoyed your break and may things go smoothly as you’re back to the routine!

As we getting nearer to the weekends, I assume I will have some time to break and enjoy the life as much as I can. While we’re at it, I hope the same thing goes to you, Alrik

F1 · 14 answers · 3mo

Are you the muse or writer of a lover?

If we recall back on my past relationships… I think I am the muse, all of my past lovers always wrote me poems and it was lovely. I never write about someone, most of my writings are about my life struggles, or even a chocolate cake that I found delightful at near bakery, it was never about a person right until this moment.

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