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鈦燝oldie 4 answers 1y

pernah gak, di tengah malam yang sunyi, tapi yang ada di pikiranmu cuma cublak cublak suweng.. padahal lagi mgantuk

aurine 9 answers 1y

gimana minggu pertama di bulan juninya semua? apakah sudah ada achievement baru selain achievement elemental di genshin

鈦燝oldie 3 answers 1y

kok sekarang retro udah sepi gaada yang nanya-nanya lagi udah pada lost sfarg ya

鈦燝oldie 2 answers 1y

ini bener gak sih kalo mau nanya pake ini kan?


Icey nafkahin gua please..

Icelicious 路 1y

嗷掙挵麓 藰 ` 陹贬儛 what are some of your favourite songs right now?

GLAD YOU'RE ASKING! Listen, (1/110)

Nah I'm kidding it's the same old one, I'm always up for recommendations though! I'm currently loving seasons by wave to earth and We Were Never Really Friends by Bruno Major!

Icelicious 路 1y

What is it like to be in a relationship with someone who is loving and caring, but doesn't express emotions or feelings?

I bet it'd be tiring. Of course someone loving and caring is Heaven-sent, but what would I do if they don't even express their emotions and/or feelings? How should I know what's inside their head鈥攚hat do they want, what is it that they're longing for. I'm not a mind reader, I couldn't read emotions and/or feelings if they don't express it by themselves. But I think, if you really love them and they love you too, you would find a way. Communicate properly. Communication is the key, after all.

ara 4 answers 1y

guys kalo satosugu

Bener banget moots bayangin kalau they're a normal high school student instead of a sorcerers maybe, just maybe, they would face a different ending. Bayangin kalau mereka hidup di dunia biasa, menjalani kehidupan biasa-biasa aja, menjalani kisah cinta yang biasa tapi nyaman karena yang penting adalah kehadiran satu sama lain. Maybe, just maybe, love wouldn't be the most twisted curse of all for them.

Icelicious 路 1y

Do you set your eyes on someone lately?

Jace 23 answers 1y

when you like someone do you prefer to chase them or staying silent until the feeling is gone

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