Serene, J.

SERENE: Her speciality is giving you a felicity by her halcyon presence and leaves a deep affection to wherever she goes.

Queens, NY
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El · 1y

hello there, mind to follow me back? thank you.

Dearest anonymous · 1y

Serene, you look so sweet evertime I see you around my tl and greeting me, I know I'm wrong because easily to fall to you like this, but may I know if you set ur eyes to someone for now? If no.. can I get a chance?

Dearest anonymous · 1y

pspsps hi there, serene! you’re so cute and sweet, also a fun person when we’re talking on mention, i kinda want to be your friend as in talking to you in dm but i’m too shy to do that 😞 you’re just so cute i swear :(

I'm SOOO SORRY for late respon T____T I rarely open my retrospring, so how about we talk more in DM?. Don't be shy to knock my direct message!. Cause there, I'd pleasurely wants to greet you! :D Ayo sender aku juga mau berteman sama kamu {yang gak kalah cute-Nya} lebih deket PLEASEE!! Aku tungguin!

Vivianne Mackenzie. · 1y

Hello, Serene.
Let me appreciate you for being a good person and always make people around you happy. Thank you for exist in this world, i hope you always surrounded with good people and happiness. In case you forget to appreciate yourself, so here i am, as your reminder. Take a note, allow your emotions because all feeling issa valid. Use them as a reminder that you’re still alive. Have a great day!

Asther.. you just made my day ╥﹏╥ Thanks a bunch, you're really such an angel! I always make sure every people around me should be happy! ・ᴗ・ And you should feels happy around me too!! Thanks for this kind of words!! It's really really sweet of you! Start from now, I'm gonna keep on with my hobby, to be everyones serotonin boost! 🚀🚀 Thanks Asther! You light up my life!! >~<

Lola, love. · 1y

but really tho, i feel like i want to make a confession here: i love whenever your account appears in my timeline or my mention, it’s so pretty, your username, your layout, and the way you spoke?? chef’s kiss

OMG PLEASE STOPPP You always like this {faint} Thank you soooooo much for this! This has been such a blessing. And I'm giggling like a stupid kid right now. BUT you also bring me a joy tooo!! The way you just reply my messages even with me or someone, you appreance like a faultless momma sometimes, and like a petite woman whom really deserves everything in this world <3 I'm really glad to have you! Shall we kiss right now? 😺😺

Avery Grambs · 12 answers · 1y

good eve, folks! do any of you use obimy? if so, would you like to be friends there?

Obimy? Is that an app? If yes , I'm not use that T_____T but I just comeback after search a little about obimy, and it looks fun! I'd definitely gonna use if you teach me how to rack it, perhaps? And we can be friends there! <3

Lola, love. · 1y

now tell me, serene, how does it feel to be pretty?

🥺 The nicest thing anyone’s said to me today! Thank you Lala but you're way prettiest! I'm the one who should ask how does it feel to be pretty and God favorite creature ever?!! 💗

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