Aurora Khione

Honeymoon Avenue

Marseille, France
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fragile, please handle with love and pink.


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Kashi Edevane · 2 answers · 1mo

If you could have a month of free time (no school, no work) during either summer or fall, what will you do?

doing hot girl activities, pilates, shopping, ice skating, watching netflix, getting my nails done, doing my hair, sleep all day, baking.

Kashi Edevane · 1 answer · 1mo

Do you actually have someone in mind right now? Could be anything; a friend, a lover, a crush, a long-lost sibling. Anything.

Kashi Edevane · 1 answer · 1mo

That one dream you want to achieve so much, what is it?

Kashi Edevane · 3 answers · 1mo

Would you rather spend the weekend binge-watching some movies or going out to the park eating burgers?

fyi, my daily activities are mostly done at home, maybe i choose to spend my weekends outside, alone or with someone.

Cherish! · 1 answer · 1mo

It's been a long time since I last opened my retrospring. I miss you guys! T o T

Gebiel Edelio · 10 answers · 3mo

If you on "me time" what's your favorite things to do?

spending my time shopping, having fancy dinners, going to salon, getting my hair and nails done.

Lily. ♡̴ · 7 answers · 2mo

How’s life?

well 2024 is treating me fairly, so far my joys far outweigh my sorrows and yes, even there are some things that don't go smoothly, maybe that's the way it is. i can't wait for the next few months!

Austin. · 13 answers · 5mo

How do you cope with loneliness?

spending time alone, buy expensive things I like, pampering myself like going to the salon, do my nails, having lunch at 5 ⭐️ restaurant and having a fancy dinner,

SERAPHINA. · 8 answers · 5mo

if you could custom blend a perfume, what would it include?

i’m sorry.. i don't know much about perfume, but i really like perfumes that smell powdery at the end, but at the beginning give off a fresh floral scent, maybe roses?

Serenity · 23 answers · 5mo

A song you’d recommend, please? I am trying to find new hidden gems.

Arsena, D · 4 answers · 4mo

It's been a very long time since the last time i'm being active here. Does anyone here still active? What are you up to lately? I'm on my semester break and i think i need some recommendations "things" to do.

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