Saori Kido · 18 answers · 6y

What was the last prank you pulled and who was your victim?

Well, tech I'm more known to help others with their pranks, but I'm quite excellent at hacking so I've done some silly things to various people, my latest victim was prob Ikki. I linked his personal page to an Emo definition site and made sure the song “I must be emo” was playing in the background. lol

Well, I do have to say the paint prank I pull on you last week was fun, and who knew green was your color~ ;D

I know sometimes I'm the victim of pranks, but I really don't do it to anyone else.

Uh... I replaced Borys' sea salt rain body wash stuff with lavender scented one. He hates lavender... He freaked out about it and "had" to reshower.

Well, honestly one time I replaced Shaka's ketchup with hot sauce. He actually liked it though so it really wasn't a successful prank...

Remember when we locked Ikki in the gym? That was fun. He was stuck there for a long time before his damn brother went looking for him. >_>

Pulling pranks isn't really my style, but I did help Seiya pull a prank on Ikki once. We were all at the pool and Seiya was like "Hey Ikki look, Hyoga and Shun are kissing!" And Ikki looked in disbelief for a moment before I lied and was like "they totally are". So Ikki turned away to look and Seiya pushed him into the water.

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