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Gold saints : What do you think of your successor?

Well, she's very loving and mature, I'm sure she'll do good. And Hey, she doesn't get drunk.

Hyoga has trained well and hard, I am very proud of him and think the Aquarius cloth would fit him well

Well, I'm sure Shiryu will be a fine successor, he usually seems to know what he is doing and is smart and compassionate young man, however I do hope he will have better luck than most of us Libra saints have had in the past. As I said before being a Libra saint is not easy and honestly I wouldn't wish this job upon anyone, alas we are needed just as all other saints to keep balance.

Well Lumina is definitely unique... Not a usual Scorpio saint so I'm sure this will be interesting

Shaina is a passionate young woman, I wouldn't trust anyone else with the Aries cloth

Uh well... Ikki is special? I guess? He's full of hatred but there's also a deep love for his brother that strengthens him... They also say pain makes a saint stronger so there's no doubt he will most likely be the strongest gold saint.

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