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Aderyn Ursa · 6 answers · 4y

What's the weirdest word you've ever gotten from auto-correct? I got Hitler trying to write girl once x'D

Well, funny story, one of my friends needed their epi pen for something a few years ago and well, for some reason it auto corrected epi pen to epic penis... was hard to explain that one to their mom...

Saori Kido · 15 answers · 4y

Who would win a fight to the death, Aiolia or Aiolos?

I'd win because the dumbass wouldn't even think I'd be serious about it, but I would be

Saori Kido · 37 answers · 6y

How do you normally get punished (or if you're an adult, how were you?) ie being grounding, having stuff taken away, being spanked, etc

I never was because I always blamed it on Aiolos and guess what? They always believe me snorts

Saori Kido · 24 answers · 6y

What are your biggest regrets?

Saori Kido · 35 answers · 6y

What would you do if your love interest saw you naked? (Near end)

Saori Kido · 43 answers · 6y

Would you blast your music with people around?

Saori Kido · 35 answers · 6y

Fuck, marry, kill, kiss, kick - Saori, Misty, Aphrodite, Pandora, Jabu

Saori Kido · 15 answers · 6y

Straights - Have you ever had any gay fantasies?

Not so far no, and honestly, I think my brother has ruined any chance for any dude ever

Saori Kido · 42 answers · 6y

Do you own a body pillow? If so who is it of? ;D

Saori Kido · 48 answers · 6y

What color is your blanket?

Shun Andromeda · 42 answers · 6y

Would you date me? (If you were single and into guys~) ^^

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