Saori Kido · 30 answers · 6y

Who is the worst boyfriend or girlfriend youve had?

I suppose I could say Esmeralda, not because she was a bad one, she was great in fact, very kind and understanding, but because I shouldn't have used her like that, I know I really hurt her and I never meant to...

Can't really think of anyone, I mean I've fucked around a lot, but honestly haven't dated much

Never really had a bad one, I mean the one boyfriend I had was great, super sweet, just not for me and Irenka was a lovely girl, we might have gotten really serious if I hadn't moved here.

Sung-Min, but I mean he wasn't a bad one, however I don't have any others to use for this

Milo if you'd even count him as a boyfriend >_> His constant flirting is too much for me to handle

Oliver the cheater, who wins the medal of my shortest ever relationship, so gratz bro.. <_<

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