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liechi berry asked 10 days ago

top 5 fav shinies?

Ok so 1. Colosseum Entei/Suicune/Raikou they just look amazing. Idk why they changed the colors of them in later games. 2. Basically all the pink shinies I just think they’re really really cool, dratini mareep line, bellossom, lopunny and furret comes to mind 3. Mew esp the faraway mew event in gen 3 4. Fennekin line I love that it looks like a black mage 5. Charizard ik it’s a basic answer but the black just looks so amazing and sharp. Drool

Vaporeon asked 23 days ago

what has been your favorite part about working on your website/what's your favorite part of your website so far?

Learning how to do things that mystified me previously like iframes. My favorite part that I have designed so far has been my sidebar! It has rainbow links and a little emotion thing that’s an iframe and a working clock. All mysteries I solved with the help of my sister. 🥰 and now I know how to code all those things!

Vaporeon asked 14 days ago

your favorite human characters of sv so far :o

Answered this from Serena but I think Rika is my favorite 😳😳😳

Anonymous asked 11 days ago

Opinion on gen 2?

I actually like gen 2 the most out of every generation. 3 is a close second for a lot of reasons but... in my opinion, there's really something magical about generation 2. I love how it looks, it is on the perfect border of the right amount of detail for the sprites, the animations in crystal and stadium 2 are incredible, the colors of the shinies and the regular palettes are fantastic, i love kris, i love the way that the game is time based and how all the routes snake into themselves, i love how it is designed to be a long term experience kind of like a game of dungeons and dragons. I love how in gen 2 you have the game [...]

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Vaporeon asked 14 days ago

sv ships

nothing solid yet other than : tulip/dendra and julianna/nemona

liechi berry asked 11 days ago

ur fav top 3 fav gen 9 mons and characters so far :3

charas: 1. rika 2. hassel 3. dendra

mons: 1. meowscarda 2. tinkaton 3. tandemaus

Anonymous asked 11 days ago

How come you're so awesome

thanks for your kind words. i wish this was true but i am very average! lol

Vaporeon asked 25 days ago

if you had a pichusona what would it look like? if you could make pichu a dual type what would its other type be?

i dont think i would have a pichusona. I think if Pichu were a dual type it would be cute for pichu to be a fairy type or something. But really any dual type would be cute in their own way.

Anonymous asked 16 days ago

What pokemon do you absolutely despise?

Vaporeon asked 25 days ago

what is your #1 desired piece of pichu merch?

Vaporeon asked 25 days ago

if pichu got turned into a magical mochi puffball, what do you think it would taste like?

Vaporeon asked 25 days ago

what kind of a dress or little outfit would you put on a pichu?

Girl: Giant ribbon on her head or sunhat Boy: Goggles on his head like he is a digimon character or a band-aid over his nose like hes rough and tough. Both: the smash wizard pika hat

Vaporeon asked 25 days ago

if you had a pichu, what video games would you show him?

Depends on the Pichu and how old he was and that kinda thing but I would want to get him to play Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy X

Anonymous asked 28 days ago

Crossdressing calem anon here :) I just saw your tweet about the prompt, and figured you might like this if you haven't read it yet.

Thank you for the rec!! gonna read it right now the tags look amazing ; )

Feel free to send me more recs I'm always on the hunt for good stuff!

Anonymous asked 29 days ago

I can understand girl Bugsy and Gladion, but why Volkner? No disagree just curious :p

He has a similar personality type to Cloud Strife. It’s too long winded of an answer to get into but I can really see if it you pushed him hard enough or in the right circumstances.

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