Stacy, A. 𖧣ଓ

Smiling symphonic like a melodious song, the Nirmala endows the ears with the melodiousness of her vox that calls for goodness to all earthlings.

Annecy, France.
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Shailene · 26 answers · 1y

Kalau lagi loyo biasanya ngapain biar semangat lagi?

Avery Grambs · 23 answers · 1y

reading books is an activity that is believed to help relax your brain for a moment when you are stressed, so what’s your favorite book, my dear friend?

Um, yay! Reading books always relaxes me when I'm under a lot of stress. I usually enjoyed when I read Teenlit books, but now I'm reading Le Petit Prince.

Shailene · 11 answers · 1y

How do you cope with heartbreak?

I certainly had to deal with my broken heart and cry all the time. I might have felt like the saddest person of that day, trying to make myself strong, even though sometimes I wanted to scream. But life must go on. Therefore, I will keep myself busy with activities in my real world so that I will not be consumed by emotionally crushing heartbreak.

Hadyan · 1y

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

I would choose to do a reading books all day and immerse myself in the story while snacking on snacks and occasionally listening to songs when I'm already feeling a little weary of books.

Luniar, Selene. · 23 answers · 1y

let's imagine we're in a zombie outbreak. for how long -at least- do you think you'll survive? and what kind of weapon you'd use to fight them?

I'm not sure of myself, considering I can't imagine what they look like. But I think I have the ability to stay quiet and hide in fair places small enough or maybe I'll just stay home eating popcorn and watching the chaos out there.

Moonlight. · 1y

Happy Valentine, Stacy. <3

Happy Valentine's too, dear! So cute, huhu. Enjoy your day, don't forget to smile, and you deserve overwhelming affection from everyone. <3

Seivya Denallie. · 1y

Stacy, ini Seivya! Boleh minta follow backnya? Matur nuwun!

Hello, Seivya! Boleh dong hihi, sudah aku follow back, ya. Kembali kasih juga, geulis. <3

Shailene · 1y

Udah pernah nyoba main latto-latto gak?

Ya Tuhan pertanyaannya mood banget, ahahaha. Aku belum pernah nyoba main latto-latto, karena nggak bisa. 😭

Moonlight. · 1y

What's a compliment that made you feel special?

To be honest, I love all the compliments because I really love compliments sowwy and it makes me feel so special. Whatever a well-meaning compliment, I like it very much because it would be an honor to be praised by the good people out there.

🎸 · 1y

Give me your top 3 sad songs?

My top 3 sad songs are Tertawan Hati by Awdella, Menjadi Dia by Tiara Andini, and Tak Segampang Itu by Anggi Marito. How about you?

Moonlight. · 1y

beautiful beautiful beautiful angel.

Ah, thank you so much, dear! I am honored to be praised by you. Have a good day and may this day treat you very well, dear! ♡

bella · 1y

Stacy, which flowers that represent you the most?

Um, do daisies suits for me? I like daisies because the beauty of the flower so mesmerizes my eyes, as well as the meaning that represents the name of the flower. ♡

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