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How do you cope with heartbreak?

pertama pasti nangis dulu. abis itu mulai nyibukin diri biar ga kepikiran, kalo masih kepikiran ya nangis aja lagi.

i let myself feel whatever i ought to feel and leave things behind at where i stand then… walk out of it just like that. i learned that it’s really important not to question, moreover to bargain things. it happened because that’s how it’s meant to be, and there must be the moral of the story.

I certainly had to deal with my broken heart and cry all the time. I might have felt like the saddest person of that day, trying to make myself strong, even though sometimes I wanted to scream. But life must go on. Therefore, I will keep myself busy with activities in my real world so that I will not be consumed by emotionally crushing heartbreak.

Ngalir aja sih, ya galau pasti tapi ya hidup tetap berjalankaan. Paling ampuh biar gak gamon ya gak kontakan lagi. Gimana ya namanya perasaankan gabisa diatur, bisanya membatasi interaksi :"

Cry. Crying myself to sleep. Listen to the song that somehow relate to my story, and the last is just enjoy the phase, it will pass.

Rasanya lemes banget, but life goes on. Just let it flow, don't force yourself. Kalo lagi ngerasa sakit yaudah jangan dipaksa buat sembuh. And I choose to cut him/them off buat ngurangin sakit.

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