Antoine Pierre. · 7 answers · 11mo

What are your favorite movie or song quotes that relate to you right now?

"I've been feeling different lately. Maybe indifferent's a better word for it. I've been so bored, and nothing's changing. Oh, fake a smile and all the while wish I could quit" from Be okay by Dept.

Flipped, it’s a teenage romance movie! And for a song quotes, I’ll go with "and I wouldn’t marry me either, a pathological people pleaser who only wanted you to see her" from You’re Losing Me by Taylor Swift, don’t ask me why, the lyrics say it all.

my favorite song quote is, "Jangan minta jatuh cinta
Luka lamaku juga belum reda" from juicy luicy.

Movies: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Black Swan, Gone Girl, Decision to Leave.
Lyrics: "Why am I obsessing about the things I can't control? Why am I seeking approval from people I don't even know?"

“I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am. I'm unstoppable” it's Sia song. her song was amazing even the lyrics too!! 🤍

Interstellar. And it would be "But i an fire and i'll keep your brittle heart warm... Would it be enough if could never give you peace?" from Peace by Taylor Swift!

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