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Rakha asked 8 months ago · 12 answers

Saranin film / series yang seru dong.

🦋 asked 8 months ago · 5 answers

Kalian ke mana aja heh? 😡

Lily asked 8 months ago · 27 answers

Kalian paling suka lagu Taylor Swift yang mana?

Chayyi. asked 7 months ago · 19 answers

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

Chayyi. asked 7 months ago · 14 answers

What’s the biggest green flag in your opinion?

Communication as in communicating about how and what each other feels, and willing to understand each other

Lily asked 7 months ago · 29 answers

Menurut kalian bubur diaduk atau gak diaduk itu penting gak 🙂

Yang penting sama sama makan aja sih, kaya I want us both to eat well <3

Timothy Gretama asked 7 months ago

Hello pretty! May I know what's your most favorite movie and why?

My Girl and Flipped, aku suka film lama gitu dan seneng romance juga. Dua film itu fits my criteria in movies

Timothy Gretama asked 6 months ago · 6 answers

One thing that made you smile today?

Anonymous Coward asked 9 months ago

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

Probably 7.5? The song isn’t really my taste, but I do like the lyrics

Jose asked 9 months ago

tanyain teteh rose mau pacaran sama jose ga?

Antoine Pierre. asked 9 months ago · 7 answers

What are your favorite movie or song quotes that relate to you right now?

Flipped, it’s a teenage romance movie! And for a song quotes, I’ll go with "and I wouldn’t marry me either, a pathological people pleaser who only wanted you to see her" from You’re Losing Me by Taylor Swift, don’t ask me why, the lyrics say it all.

Izzy asked 9 months ago

What food you consider as your ultimate comfort food?

I don’t think I have one, but I do have a comfort drink. So if I really need to calm myself down with food or drink, I will always buy myself a Thai Tea!

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