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nyanya asked 13 days ago · 6 answers

saran mie enak yang pedes banget dong all :o

Lessa. asked 4 months ago · 8 answers

Thoughts on user brokenwheeI? 😋

Lessa is a really, really, really good friend indeed. Not gonna lie, dia bisa jadi temen apa aja. Gak neko-neko anaknya, bukan neko bahasa Jepang yang artinya kucing ya. Tapi beneran gak aneh-aneh anaknya sebagai temen. Reliable and credible, you can trust her indeed. Kalau kedua temen deketnya ada cekcok dia berusaha netral dan jadi penengah. Terkadang Lessa bisa jadi sweet, serius. Cuma kekurangannya suka lama bales chat, kalau gak kebiasa low maintenance friendship lo mungkin bakalan kesel sama dia. TAPI kalau urgent bakalan bales cepet kok seinget dan setau gue. That's all I'm gonna say.

macy asked 14 days ago

ap kepanjangan dari SGIE? (bobot 45)


Abram asked 15 days ago

First and current impression on me.

First: Seems like a cold one, you know "that" stereotype, right? HAHAHAHAHA. I can't be blatantly here. :p

Current: SUMPAH NGELUCU TERUS. Has a good taste in humour if I speak. Budak korporat, semangat deh, ya. Also you're a talkative one, literally. I think that's all I'm gonna say for now?

Aiko! asked 6 months ago · 2 answers

Looking back, what's one piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

Anonymous Coward asked 16 days ago

Do you set your eyes on someone?

Chery asked 3 months ago · 5 answers

can i ask birthday gift ideas for my cyber boyfriend?

Padlet, playlist, carrd, jurnal, powerpoint, free tickets (for hugs, cuddle, kiss, or anything)

Ian. asked 2 months ago

If you could describe yourself in songs, what songs would you mention?

Hey, sorry for the tardiness of reply! I think I'd go by The Archer by Taylor Swift now. Since it describes a lot about me. I'm filled by restlessness and doubt. They can see right through me, can you see right through me?

Evangeline. asked about 2 months ago · 7 answers

Leave your favorite movie(s) here, pretty please! 🍿

My letterboxd favorites section filled by:
1. Everything Everywhere All At Once
2. Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
3. Gone Girl
4. Before Sunset

Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

penasaran banget sama lo.

thalia asked 5 months ago · 8 answers

Hii mm mind to share some of your favorite recent reads? c:

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago


sersh asked 6 months ago · 6 answers

one fun fact about u?

Jujur gue kalo ditanyain begini malah bingung, Sar. Suka bikin playlist funfact, gak? HAHAHAHAHA. Terus gue kalo makan bubur diaduk. Lah jadi dua.

sersh asked 5 months ago · 5 answers

hey guys lagi apa

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