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F1 · 14 answers · 3mo

Are you the muse or writer of a lover?

Intropal · 3mo

Inggris mulu kak kepengen denger puisi indonesia dong

· 7 answers · 3mo

Kalau lagi kalut dan sedih gitu kalian bakal ngapain?

roseateliers · 8 answers · 2mo

If you are only given the chance to write about love and one other subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Love and life, since I can use any other topic as a sub-headings and many other variables, the subjects could be varied as well. Love can be divided into psychological subhead, communication topics, language and linguistics issues and analysis. So considering both love and life are a general topic, I can specify it as much as I want.

Intropal · 3mo

Hi Alam! Boleh tau ngga km sm Yasmin udah pacaran berapa lama? Gemes bgt btw hope you guys are happy for a long time! <3

Halo-haloo, sudah mau jalan tiga tahun satu bulanan lagi nih hehe. Thank you, may God bless you always!

Intropal · 3mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Intropal · 3mo

Do you want old times back?

Nu’uh, rewinding the past means I'm letting the current path I took change because I believe every decision we make is connected, like a red yarn that affects one another. I'm not really a fan of changes, and I'm not about to open the door to more uncertainties.

Intropal · 3mo


Gladys Hellena · 3mo

Kak alam suka nasi padang enggak?! Kalau suka, menu favorit kebanggaan kak alam di piringmu itu apa aja?! :D

Suka donng, saya suka banget sama Tunjang dan Dendeng Batokok! Cumi bunting juga tapi karena susah ditemuin jadi ya menu to go-nya selalu Rendang. Kamu apa?

Intropal · 3mo

Have you ever went to europe?

Yeah, I have. I went to several countries while I was on tour with my family (it was 8 days trip if I’m not mistaken).

Intropal · 3mo

Is your girlfriend is replaceable?

First of all, “IS your girlfriend IS replaceable?” … yoo, the subtle art of REDUNDANCY. Hate to be a grammar Nazi but this one is exceptional.

Intropal · 3mo

I have crush on you, sorry…

Un-crush me. Sorry, but will all due respect, confessing to a man who already has a girlfriend is such a low thing to do, so please never do it again.

Intropal · 3mo

Can you speak a foreign language?

Yes, I do speak 4 foreign languages in total (english, french, Spain, and a little of Arabic)

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