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If you are only given the chance to write about love and one other subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would definitely write about my love story with the person I met in 2019, just because I want to cherish this beautiful tale for years to come.

I will write about my love for my mother who I lost at the age of 24, which made me feel so lost without her.

Love and life, since I can use any other topic as a sub-headings and many other variables, the subjects could be varied as well. Love can be divided into psychological subhead, communication topics, language and linguistics issues and analysis. So considering both love and life are a general topic, I can specify it as much as I want.

Should the subject be tied to one another? Because if not, then maybe it would be.. film? I guess. Because of everything it had taught me all these years better than anything else, somehow.

It would be something I was cherished for the rest of my life. Such as how I spent my whole day by talking to my beloved girlfriend, or my best friends. How my life was entertaining and make everyone feels the sparks of how excited it was. Everything was precious for me, even when the bitter one.

"Resilience". Albeit rarely mentioned, I believe that without resilience, sometimes love is just... a fleeting feeling.

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