Gian · 3mo

Thoughts on Gian dong, Alie. Sekalian jfb ya. :]

If I were to describe Gian figuratively: Gian would be like an egg that seems hard to crack from outward appearance (thanks to their impressive first impression, for sure). However, once you engage in conversation with them, you’ll feel their warm heart instantly. Gian’s presence exudes so much positivity and warmth, welcoming people into their life with their down-to-earth personality. Talking to Gian is never boring because they are a professional chatterbox! Would also host a compliment party: Gian is sweet, kind, of course funny, and cute.. Although they might not admit to any of those. Gian is unbelievably caring and willing to stand up for what they believe in and unafraid to have fun no matter what anyone thinks. Gian’s presence is greatly anticipated anywhere, and their friendliness and easygoing nature explain why they always have friends surrounding them. Gian is very protective and loving! Overall, Gian is a bundle of goodness packed inside one human. Gian is the one who can manage to cope with my endless incoherent yap, even though I know how annoying I can be most of the time. (On a side note: No words are enough to represent the immense gratitude and love I hold for Gian, so I hope in this little chapter I’ve written, Gian knows that they mean the whole world, universe, and galaxies to me. To Alie’s #1 significant annoyance, Gian!)

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