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Curious Pie · 5mo

Min kamu lagi kangen sama seseorang ngga

Curious Pie · 5mo

yah kalau posko pengaduannya kesitu belum ada nyalinya. semoga februarinya gak elek yah

Coba dipanggil dulu si nyalinya, mungkin dia lagi uji nyari di haunted house terdekat. Kalau lu mau ngobrol anonim, pake hack(.)chat aja. Kirim link-nya ke gue terus kasih tau mau jam berapa, nanti gue present di sana sesuai jam yang lu kasih tau. FEBRUARI GUE UDAH ELEK tapi amin, semoga sisanya bagus dan lu juga ya.

Curious Pie · 5mo

ini kalau kangen berat posko pengaduannya kemana kak

Langsung kirim pengaduan ke icon surat di profile gue aja, itu miminnya super responsif kecuali kalau beliau lagi makan sama tidur.

Kalandra · 6 answers · 5mo

Lebih percaya MBTI atau Zodiac?

Jonathan · 6 answers · 5mo

Nasi goreng kan ada. Kalo nasi geulis ada ga?

Jonathan · 4 answers · 5mo

When do you think it’s the right timing to say, “I am done trying, let’s move on.”

When do I reach the dead end of a relationship? I mean, when there is no point in fighting anymore because the problem seems impossible to solve.

Curious Pie · 5mo

Do you set your eyes on someone?

Jonathan · 5mo

Bentar maaf mau nanya ini gian kita kenalnya dimana ya?

Curious Pie · 7mo

lucu terus

Curious Pie · 7mo


Curious Pie · 7mo

Considering the red color of strawberries, perhaps we could pick "Ms. Red" as my nickname? It might sound odd, but I'll let you decide... Reflecting on this idea is quite fascinating. Well, witnessing people unite to express their concern for humanity and assist others is truly cool and amazing. On a different note, do you plan to watch Follow to Japan: Live Viewing?

So.. Hi, Ms. Red? It sounds like I'm calling Taylor Swift's album HAHA. Right, I'm always amazed when I see people actively taking part in activities related to humanity because I'm not the 'activist' or vocal type in that regard. I think... no? I'll save my money to attend the concert instead. How about you? Are you going to watch it?

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