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Gian · 19d

I love you, kecambah 1 cm! 🤍

Aléah · 3mo

Fav memory sama mm? :3

Every single memory with Momi is my absolute favorite and I’m in no way of sugarcoating this! But if I were to rank them, the godly ‘it’ moment goes to our Spotify session from a few weeks back,
with all those sad songs playing. Thoughts on having one more Crying Session with me? I’m only a call away! ☎️

Zoi · 9 answers · 2mo

Capek gak sih?

Capek dan lumayan encok.. Quick update hari ini aku habis baking kue lebaran 🧁🍰⏲️

Sugarplum · 3mo

Are you Anaheim or Backburner girl? xd

Mhm.. Though I have a deep fondness and religiously listen to both songs, I don’t quite see myself fitting into either category! I believe I know what I want in life, and I refuse to settle for a place where I don’t feel valued. Hopefully I remain this way though!

Gian · 2mo

Thoughts on Gian dong, Alie. Sekalian jfb ya. :]

Lorrie · 2mo

Bahasa inggrisnya sakit pinggang itu apa? Backburner ya?

AAH IYA.. Jangan lupa berbuka puasa dengan ikan yah.. Ikan’t lie it feels nice that you’re calling

Yudha · 2mo

Hi Alie, hopefully, my sudden appearance won't surprise you too much. I've read your Medium writing before and found myself mesmerized by it. I was thinking it would be great to be your friend so I can read more of your new work. Do you think it's okay if I shoot you a follow?

Hi, hi Yudha! Thank you for your message. While it’s delightful to hear from you, it seems there’s been a little confusion—I think you might have mistaken me for someone else and meant to reach out to.. Aléah? Especially since our names are pretty similar. Feel free to drop her a message as she’d be delighted to connect with you and have you as a friend! You can find her on or Have a good day ☻

Zoi · 14 answers · 5mo

Your never get bored snack?

My current go-tos: A scoop of Oreo Sundae ice cream! Any cheese-topped chips! And, I don’t know if they’re mild enough to be counted as one.. but I’ve also been so obsessed with Almond Croissants and Chili Hotdog. Spot your favorites? 👀

Sugarplum · 3mo

Mau kenalan tapi dighosting kamu sedih

Tolong twrima oermintsan maafkun di bawah..

In all seriousness, I’m so sorry—genuinely sorry if I happened to miss your message. It wasn’t my intention at all, I promise. If you happen to be my oomf (Wait.. are you? Or are you not?) please know that I’m only a DM away. I’d be more than thrilled to hear from you again.. Your presence is always looked forward to!

Sugarplum · 3mo

Nal barabwa judeon geu nunbit
Nal bulleojudeon geu moksori
Da da
Geu modeun ge naegen

Sugarplum · 3mo

Be happy always, you.

Giovanni. · 3mo

List down your top 5 Taylor Swift’s songs, quick.

Zoi · 11 answers · 5mo

Give me one reason to visit your city

Zoi · 10 answers · 11mo

Saran makanan sehat versi kamu

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