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Meow · 1y

Hari ini makan apa aja

Meow · 1y

Impersonate me (ini kuping kananmu)

(Ghosts me for some few hours)
"I think I'm dy1ng"
"Menurut lo gue beli tumbler mana" padahal this dumb ass udah punya tumbler BANYAK
"Eh gak jadi deng soalnya mean thoughts"
(Will say it anyway)

Meow · 1y

Pilih kopi apa Mingyu

Mingyu can survive days without ME but can I survive days without coffee. 🫤🫵🏻 Scoot over, Kim Mingyu.

Meow · 1y

Kalo ada Mingyu sama Scoups butuh bantuan tp kamu cuma bisa bantuin satu orang, pilih bantuin siapa?

You do realize that they are way much bigger than me and (I) am probably the one who needs help, right?

Feodora Levindore · 15 answers · 1y

6 korean idols to get to know you!

Rik. · 4 answers · 1y

“Your favorite group has officially disbanded.”

What made you hurt the most from the moment you read those words?

Genevieve · 7 answers · 1y

Boleh tolong spill lagu kebangsaan kalian kalau lagi sedih? Hehe, pingin update playlist menangisku, makasih semuanya!

evan · 16 answers · 1y

Boleh saran hadiah ulang tahun buat ibu gak moots, kalau bisa barang yang fungsional ... atau boleh spill tidak kalian dulu udah pernah ngasih apa aja/kepikiran mau memberi sesuatu? Terima kasih moots

Alice · 10 answers · 1y

Have you ever collected anything before? Tell me about it.

Weird but I once collected botol bekas sabun/shampoo hotel...? because dad went here and there a lot back then. 😁

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