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Jase · 7 answers · 2mo

Which ex would you ask to come with you if you are invited to join EXchange?

Kas. · 10 answers · 2mo

Here I am again with a mainstream question but can I get a first impression or any thoughts on me? 🤔🤍

𓇼⃝ ∗ · 4 answers · 2mo

what’s your survival plan during a zombie apocalypse?

Jase · 10 answers · 2mo

Apa hal yang selama ini hal yang kalian merasa gak terlalu berharga tapi semakin berjalannya waktu kalian merasa kalau hal tersebut berharga?

· 11 answers · 3mo

How’s @fayitale through your lens?

Jamjam · 3mo

ZOI rate januari kamu so far dari 1-25

Hmmm it was 22/25 kayaknya deh, bukan bulan yang perfect tapi aku suka banget because January is my month 🥹

Pawfriend · 3mo

If you happen to face a love life problem, such as having two options:

The first option is a 10 with green flags, but they prefer a low-maintenance relationship due to their packed schedule.

The second option is also a 10, though not entirely green-flagged, they are willing to commit to a relationship with you despite how busy their schedule is.

So which one would you choose?

Hi Pawfriend, sorry for my late answer but thank you for the interesting question: I honestly fine with both options, as long as my partner is willing to maintain the communication between us but the better is the second option, although the first one is also reasonable because a low-maintenance relationship is not that bad though. After all, it depends on the two who run the relationship.

Pawfriend · 3mo

Would you prefer to date a poet or a painter?

To date an artist is… 😍 hmm probably a painter because I’d like to see how their mind and creativity works when they painting.

Pawfriend · 3mo

Tell me your one of your goals in 2024.

Honestly I have no specific one but… to stay alive and happy with my surroundings; family, friends and probably to meet new people.

Jase · 12 answers · 3mo

Tell me your opinion about Jase!

Baik, ada aja gebrakannya kalo ngobrol (unexpected but in a good and funny way), tipe orang yang disukai sama semua kalangan umur mulai dari bayi sampe lansia karena antara dia bakalan menyesuaikan topik sama lawan bicaranya atau memang anaknya menyenangkan!

𓇼⃝ ∗ · 2 answers · 3mo

i’m two days late but how was your first week of 2024? :D

Not as bad as I imagined, definitely a fresh start to be better! Hope yours was amazing too, Sara!

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