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Hi, everyone. I wanna get to know you all through you favorite movie of all time or your current listen. So, mind to tell me?

Susah pilih salah satu kalo movie, antara A Little Thing Called Love sama Flipped. Currently listening to Loossemble's new album "One of a kind" my fav track is Truman Show.

Spy x Family : Code white? I don't have specific favorite movies. Currently I listen to Canary by Relier.

favorite movie of all time : mean girls, 10 things i hate about you, (500) days of summer, before trilogy, 13 going on 30. and currently listening to apartment we won’t share by niki! :0

Tbh, American Psycho is my favorite movie of all time and I currently listen to Cherry Waves by Deftones.

hi! Pride & Prejudice (2005) is absolutely my comfort movie of all time but i just finished watching Anne with an E and i enjoy it sooo much. anw, i'm currently listening to tokyo lights fade away by adhitia sofyan

my fav movie of all time would be Orphan! i’ve rewatched it for like 3 times. best movie ever if i might say

Hey! My top pick for movies is Monster (2023), it's just epic. And lately, I can't get enough of '<3 song' by Delorians feat. Winda Claudia.

my all time movie was harry potter and journey to the center of the earth. I am currently listening to the fratellis, one of their song always came up to mind and it's called "she's not gone yet but she's leaving"

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