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netizen · 2mo

Kira-kira yang lahir duluan kucing atau sapi ya?

netizen · 2mo

Tips agar tidak boomer

Arslan. · 2mo


Arslan. · 2mo

Ayo kita tebak-tebakan. Tebak sekarang siapa aku

netizen · 4mo

Kangen lo, deh.

Idk who sent this, but if you miss me you can always hit me on dm/tele because I'm not going anywhere.

Berlyn ✧ · 11 answers · 4mo

saran dong film yang bisa bikin kita nangis nangis sakit hati, film ya bukan series.

Hope (korean movies), also my friend suggest you to watch Miracle in Cell Number 7 (everyone fav tbh) and Sayap Sayap Patah (not my cup of tea, tbh)

Andromeda · 17 answers · 11mo

What's your most heard song of all the time that you will never get sick of it?

jiwa. · 18 answers · 11mo

unpopular cemilan atau minuman kemasan andalan kalian apa? mau nyobain nih kalo bisa yang ada dijual di convenience store ya :D

Hadley. · 4 answers · 5mo

Do you agree that a person's vibe will reflect to their daily life?

Not really, sometimes someone who appears dark turns out to be the light of the gang while the bright one actually brings a lot of storms.

Valerie R. · 3 answers · 4mo

life update dong temen temen.. how's your january?? rasanya lambat bgt ga sihh

Mine went pretty well, it doesnt feel slow for me, maybe because it's my fav month.

Berlyn ✧ · 13 answers · 4mo

valentine's day is coming >< could you recommend a love song that can make our hearts beat fast like 'dugeun dugeun' when we listen to it?

DKDK by Fromis_9 never failed to make me feel like teenager falling in love for the first time.

Andromeda · 6 answers · 11mo

Would you go to the future or go back to the past? Why?

Went back to the past and make up my mistake. Maaf anaknya fokus masa lalu terus.

Nadine · 63 answers · 5mo

Siapa menurut kamu idol yang satu vibes sama Wonyoung?

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