duta. · 20 answers · 5mo

if you could go back in time, would you change anything?

There is one thing that I want to change, but I'm not sure if it will be the best decision or not.

only if i could back to time where i'm asked about my perjanjian hidup for many times, i would never said yes 😓

not anything, cuma mungkin ada beberapa part yang mau aku ubah (gak 100% sih).. khususnya part kurang bagus yang bisa ngerugiin orang lain

I wouldn't. Too lazy to even go back in time and try. I got plenty of things to do in the present, why bother going back to the past?

Iyupp. Kalau bisa baliknya ke masa SD-SMP. Pengen abisin lebih banyak waktu bareng orang2 yg udah gaada di masa sekarang :’[

No, I have made peace with what I did in the past because altering it would have a different impact on the future.

Iya. Sumpah, mau banget balik ke masa lalu buat ngubah kesalahan-kesalahan besar. Banyak orang yang pergi karena kecewa sama aku di masa lalu.

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