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favorite song lyric?

our shadows dance in a parallel plane. just two different endings, you learn to repair and i learn to keep me in one place. so close and yet so far.. (basically the whole song is just chef's kiss)

I could have fallen even stronger and died,
So come back at least once more.
I could have fallen even stronger and died,
Just one last time.

(WOODZ - Drowning)

i need somebody to love
i need somebody to hold me tight
cause i’m afraid that you don’t feel the same

'Oh, what can I do? Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue.' – Dark Beauty by Lana Del Rey. One of all my favorites song lyrics.

I’ve said it gazillion of times but, “ima demo anata wa watashi no hikari (even so, you’re still my light).”

'til the e-end of time, the story of you and i.
we go and shout, shout, shout when we're together.
stay, stay, stay, you make it better (yeah).
my life without you is a misery.

—shout out - Enhypen

Gotta have to always make sure, that I'm not just somebody's pleasure.

Aziz Hedra - Somebody's Pleasure.

sekuat kuatnya
tak mungkin selamanya
toh kita manusia
bisa tak bisa ujungnya ku harus rela
biarpun aku kecewa

(HAHAHA - Juicy Luicy)

"Now I know how Joan of Arc felt as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt."

Dream of girls chorus, kurang lebih begini artinya,
When all the tеars dry, will my dream come true?
When all the wounds heal, will it be okay?
Like this song flowing with the wind
I too will someday be able to smile

Idk banyak, but yg lagi ada di kepala tuh "Because I can't sleep 'til you're next to me"

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