원우’s beaten heart.
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Arum Madhurya · 12 answers · 2mo

Hi guys! If you can name yourself after a food or beverage (like some Thai peeps), what would it be?

Aurich Heindelz · 40 answers · 3mo

Apakah ada yang mau followan/mutualan di X? Kindly drop your @ below!

nana ୨୧ · 4 answers · 3mo

Hi! ada yang mau temenan di X? drop your username yaa :]

𖹭 · 55 answers · 3mo

menurut kamu mana yang lebih jahat, pesugihan atau santet?

bewirtchies · 3mo

𝜗𝜚 daily reminder
https: // vt . tiktok . com / ZSFTSU6de /

Weston. · 6 answers · 3mo

Anyway, any suggest for releasing the toxicity mind before it becomes a form of bad habit?

mmmm i re-think that sometimes we need dors toxicity stays in our mind, but you have to control and manage it well. we can’t just let go it like that, cause sometimes it’s hard tho ngl hehe, the best thing to do is to enjoy the feeling that you feel, and go hangout or someone to talk to… let it flew like a wind brushes the tree. ah i’m sorry if this didn’t answer your question, but if you need someone to talk, you can reach me out Weston.

Weston. · 5 answers · 3mo

Hello guys been awhile! How’s life so far?

hellooo Weston, my life is getting better day by day, i have to admit that cause i’m feeling better now. i’ve got the chance to be surrounded by amazing people, and i love them so much. how about you?

Othman · 24 answers · 3mo

Are you a sweet tooth?

Fale · 14 answers · 3mo

Few days left before i reach my 21st, what usually people do on their birthday? I kinda want to do a little celebrate for myself

treat myself with a delicious food or go buy some books, it can be watching movies. just enjoy your day with yourself, do whatever you want to do cause you deserve it. oh anyway happy early birthday Fale!

hafa :0 · 23 answers · 3mo

kasian suka mie lidi gaaa? kalo suka, kalian suka yang rasa apa? :o

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