Aurich Heindelz · 55 answers · 1mo

If today is your last day on earth, what would you do?

Makan sushi sepuasnya terus main ke dufan terus berenang sepuasnya terus ketemu NewJeans terus...

I'll spend my time with my family, I'll hug them and thank them for everything, apologize to the people closest to me, dan yang jelas menjalankan ibadah.

I'd hug my parents and thank them for raising me, would never let go because I wanted to die in their arms.

Mau bilang makasih.. sama minta maaf juga ke orang-orang ada disekitarku. Terus, habis itu quality time dan ngelakuin hal yang aku suka buat terakhir kalinya.

Apologize and thank people ... I guess? I always feel like I haven't thank them enough for everything they did and gave to me. I hope they know how grateful I am to have them in my life.

quality time sama orang-orang terdekat, minta maaf dan say thank you ke mereka, ibadah, dan mungkin ngelakuin atau ngerasain sesuatu yang aku pengen banget..

I would apologize to everyone who has been kind to me and those I love. After that, there's nothing more I can do.

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