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K asked 7 months ago

Gantian, 5 artists to get to know you! 😋

Elsie asked 7 months ago · 14 answers

Ayam geprek vs Ayam gepuk

amara asked 7 months ago

Mood check! Rate your mood for today pleek

6/10 for today's mood, but today is a good day though.. thankfully! <3

Elsie asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

Gmn hari minggunya udah berwarna apa masih putih abu-abu?

sekarang udah hari senin tapi hari mingguku kemarin sangat wow alias wah oamazing wah (seneng maksudnya)

IVY asked 7 months ago · 26 answers

Mind telling me your favorite nickname?

from all of my aliases, ara, med, kala, and hika (i hope i get more in the future i love getting new nicknames)

Elsie asked 8 months ago · 16 answers

Tell me your favorite Indonesian songs dong!

THIS ONE mesra-mesraannya kecil-kecilan dulu by sal priadi dan muak by aruma 😞

KY asked 8 months ago · 6 answers

What do you guys usually do on Valentine day?

crying to myself since i have no one to hug and give me chocolates, so i'm gonna buy my own self some chocolate :3

KY asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

Are you craving for something today?

Zen. asked 8 months ago

Halo cantik, kamu suka ngapain kalo lagi gabut?

Zamora asked 8 months ago

Kala, it’s me!

hi, z! just visit your profile and it looks so pretty, suits you well! <3

Maurie asked 8 months ago

Kala hari ini udah makan yang enak enak belum

hari ini udah makan yang enak, semoga moyi hari ini makan yang enak enak juga ya! >_<

Aletheia Jane asked 8 months ago

What’s your top falling in love songs or songs that perhaps feed your romantic side?

kiss my scars by august royals and it's you by max fr keshi <33333 super manis

KY asked 8 months ago

What do you like about yourself?

myself. jk. the fact that i enjoy being in my solitude and having my own space is the thing that i like and proud from myself.

JUDE. asked 8 months ago · 14 answers

kalian sayang aku gak

shayla asked 8 months ago

kala, life update plz!

still holding up but life's been greaaatt, thank u so much for asking! been through hell hole but i survived (yay) been a while since i'm active on this account so it's kinda overwhelming but seeing everyone makes me a little happy.

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