Aletheia Jane

Hymning ode to sweet Aphrodite.

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Dabria asked 13 days ago · 8 answers

Mana orang yang deserve dipukul pake baliho Samsung itu?

Isla asked 13 days ago · 1 answer

it’s been scorching hot these days, would you like to recommend me any favorite beverage or dessert of yours? i’d love to try them out! 🍧

Eleanor☆ asked 23 days ago · 5 answers

Lama ga ngobrol. Apa kabar?

Varun. asked 28 days ago · 3 answers

Describe me in the most brutal and honest way, please?

Kamu seru banget kalau ngobrol bareng! Gak pernah habis topiknya literalky dibalas semua bubble sepanjang apapun. Walaupun kadang suka tiba tiba ngilang kayak hantu HAHAHA tapi aku gak masalah samsek kok karna aku pun begitu. So glad meeting you dari SN dan sekeluarga di Richardson. 🥹🤝🏻

Max asked 19 days ago · 7 answers

Can you please give me short or long impressions about me :3

Believe it or not, (as I might never state it forthrightly before), I’m always impressed by how Macie is. Your coolness is one of best feature that everyone can easily grow fond of. You’re a remarkable hardworker, bright, talented. I’m so glad that our bond has grown more delightful starting from our first meeting in TPR and when we took care of agency along with Leo and Finn. ❤️‍🔥

Dabria asked 20 days ago · 1 answer

Just curious, do you often seek an advice just to validate your "I know I'm right" instead of actually looking for a clarity among confusions? Do you find that such action is necessary sometimes?

Frank to admit, yes. It raises my self-esteem about my perception arranged in my head when you find other who is also in the same boat with you in a way of comprehending things. Commons also tend to believe in other’s first a little more than theirselves, which actually this nature must not be nurtured any longer, so many more of things need to learn.

𝑬, Madelaine. asked about 1 month ago

Knock ─ knock, hello Jane!
I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you. 🕊️🤍 Hoping you always filled with a multitide of satisfactions melded with exhilaration. You've been doing great! ‎♡

Hello Madelaine! Pardon me for the tardiness as I just sneaked to here again. No wonder why my August went quite fine as this heartfelt greeting conveyed towards me, despite how long I took to respond but sincere prayer will always be well-heard anytime, right? Now that we have reached peak of the month, may blessing always be upon you zillionfolds where your days will be blooming in the most loving way. 🌷🤍

Eleanor☆ asked about 1 month ago · 13 answers

Naksir orang tuh akal akalan siapa sih!

𝑬, Madelaine. asked about 1 month ago

Hello Jane! Your profile is so pretty, let me shoot you a follow ya. By the way, mind to share your life update?

Hello, Dear! I could say the same thing about how lovely your profile is, does not even lose out to mine. A literal sight to behold. Must took long to decorate it as I experienced myself. Sure, a follow has been returned back to you. Talking about life, it just went by commonly yet still quiet enjoyable too. How about you? And how can I address you too? Delightful meeting you here anyway, E. 🎀

Shayla asked about 2 months ago · 10 answers

What food do you crave the most these days?

Blushful Nymph asked about 2 months ago

Happiest birthday to you, Aletha. Time has flown and yet I found myself wishing for your well-being only. I hope as a year is added to your age, you’ll be blessed by nothing but good things along your journey. May you have a wondrous day.

Pardon me for the tardiness to respond as I just found this. If I could say it honest… it brought me to quite wonderment (in heartening way) how you’re even still kindly wishing me the same goodness as the wave of time has passed through its ebb and flow. Know that I genuinely feel you too deserve the heartfelt prayer you relayed to me. Thank you for the wishes and may blessing always be upon you for everything you are intending to achieve now. Good luck in life. 🍀

alesha. asked 3 months ago

apa benar kalau wadidaw dibalik jadi mapipam


Max asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

What is harder, follow your instinct or your mind (the way that you’re using your logic to comprehend things)

To synchronize both instinct and logic is harder, in my thought. As both are equally crucial and needed to be combined in right flow and order. Mind helps to guide one in obtaining more clean separation from impulsive drives. And instinct is sometimes a clue to inform decision, simplifies one from overanalyzing that our brain can potentially do while comprehending things. It requires gut too in between to follow both for the final.

Carlotta. asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

and oh, this is your weekly reminder that you are doing your best. it don't have to be perfect, just keep it going. c:

What a heartfelt message one can receive on their box. Keep in mind that those statements apply to you as well. Hope everything you might encounter in a day, it will end smooth and well eventually as you’re always putting out your best. 💐

Max asked 3 months ago · 12 answers

What kind of person do you avoid in your life

The close-minded and immature one, who spurns to reflect on themselves, belittle other’s feelings and opinion. The one who likes to tittle-tattle by observing them to the small details yet it’s a complete baseless critics (that’s pretty scary), having obsession to nudge others first. The rude one. Also whose actions and words are contradictive, not trustworthy.

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