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moonchild · 1y

Do you believe you have a soulmate? Why or why not?

I do. Of course, I believe they exist but not always in a romantic way. You know, some people will connect with you in everything and that's a soulmate after all.

Jace · 4 answers · 5d

If you were to introduce yourself with a song or album, what would it be?

Keshara · 1mo

Thoughts on me!

A lovely & funny girl with a nice heart indeed! You care a lot about your surrounding and that’s why you deserve the whole world. Pantun lh

Keshara · 1mo

Your favorite tune these days?

Akari · 2mo


Smartest and the most positive person in a room. I am so proud of you fr tbh but please don’t push yourself too much, you have me and others! I got your back, keep doing your things I am sure your hard work will be paid off sooner 🥺❤️

moonchild · 2mo

Thoughts on Katty, ayyy.

A smart girl indeed. You are such a hardworking girl and you deserve the whole world for that. Thanks udah lahir sehari duluan

moonchild · 2mo

Girl, suggest me something to do. 😵‍💫

moonchild · 2mo

Hey, Ivy! Can you by any chance please share your current aespa wallpaper that you posted earlier? Thank you ^^

moonchild · 2mo

are you single?

lace · 6 answers · 3mo

Life’s been a little bored lately. But, what’s your go-to-activities for enhancing the new sparks of life? :] I currently need any!!

Hangout with your dearest friends is clearing your mind soooo much. Everything becomes less heavy since you realized you are not alone at least people are doing their best in their life as you do too, so you can tell that you are not the one who is struggle in life. Besides, your people will also help you get through this life with you.

lace · 3mo

Semoga midterm kamu dapet A

lace · 3mo

Love you 107373927337

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